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Our Studio

Here at That Yoga Place Maitland we share this beautiful space to connect and grow as a community. In our Studio we offer a range of classes and services to suit the individuals needs. We are passionate about Sound Healing and Meditation being incorporated into all classes to introduce and create awareness about slowing down our mind and tuning into our breath. Yoga is a big part of our studio however is not the main focus. Our philosophy is to tune into each individual and provide an opportunity for them to move their body, quieten their mind and light the fire in their soul; this can be done through Yoga, Meditation, Sound Healing, Counselling, Breath Work and Reiki (coming soon).


Hi beautiful souls, my name is Lauren, I am 32years old, mum of two beautiful young girls. I have always been passionate about helping kids see the brighter side of life. I have been teaching in High Schools and working with Special Needs kids for the past 10 years and I would love to dive in deeper and support kids through their childhood years with alternative ways to cope with their big emotions. Through personal experience, I strongly value dedicating time to mental health and training our mind to help cope with life's pressures. I am passionate about building strong connections with our beautiful community and sharing a little magic with them.
There is nothing like witnessing the transformation that takes place in my students when they're in this studio. It can be quite difficult to describe the magic that takes place here.




Yoga Child's Pose

I'm so glad we found you, you're such a blessing to our kiddies, teaching them such an important skill; how to just 'be' and have 'me' time

Thanks Ms Lauren for today's 'holiday' Yoga session. Both Kids loved telling us about the different poses and exercises you took them through

My son, who is sensitive and calm loved demonstrating 'defence stance 2'. Our Daughter, who is our wild child couldn't wait to show us how she is going to blow up her balloon belly before bed. Two different personalities who enjoyed every minute of theirYoga session with Ms Lauren.

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